C-44 Reservoir/STA Project, Contract 2

H2R provided geotechnical support services for rigid inclusions and wet mass soil mixing which are geotechnical construction solutions for the foundations of five new turbines at FPL’s Ft. Lauderdale Gas Turbine Power Plant. The five new turbines now meet EPA requirements replacing 12 simple cycle gas turbines which were in operation since 1970. Building clean energy plants that use domestic energy sources, like natural gas, is also helping FPL reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. H2R Corp provided services in support of the geotechnical contractor Hayward Baker, to provide alternative foundation options at great savings to FPL.

H2R’s scope included bench-scale testing, low strength unconfined compressive strength testing, verification core drilling of low-strength material and associated strength testing, as well as other conventional quality control on-site inspections and laboratory tests.

Start Date: 2015

Service Lines:

  • Specialty Construction Support and Verification
  • Material Testing and Inspection Services

Partners: Florida Power and Light / Hayward Baker

Project Cost: $1.2B

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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