H2R Corp takes great pride in obtaining quality data to verify designs through in-situ testing and inspection services. This goes from inspection services, to in-situ permeability, to downhole camera services, and to verification drilling services. Our ability to comprehensively provide specialty construction support and verification for cutoff walls, soil mixed bottom-seal (SOE) projects, and verification of low strength soil cement; sets H2R apart. Obtaining quality samples of materials with compressive strengths of 100 psi is not a challenge for our group. We understand that the quality of our work means everything to the contractor and the owner. We take every field action seriously to ensure high quality sampling that is an accurate reflection of the as-built product. We understand that often it is this verification work that can mean success or failure on a project. Through our continual training and quality improvement processes, H2R Corp is prepared to meet the challenges of this rigorous and critical role.

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