H2R Corp’s excellence in geotechnical engineering is best demonstrated by our many landmark projects. Our history as Williams Earth Sciences and as a part of Gannett Fleming has provided nearly 5 decades of experience shaping the infrastructure of Florida. While we remain a Florida based firm, our experience in geotechnical engineering extends far beyond the State’s and US borders. We have worked on roads, bridges, airports, reservoirs, power plants, and tunnels throughout Florida, and beyond. H2R has a rich history of Engineering success and has been helping to shape Florida’s infrastructure over the past five decades. Some of this experience is highlighted in 50 projects over the past 50 years. H2R has also worked on many projects across the United States and have a growing presence in the Caribbean.

We have expertise using multiple design guidelines and design procedures including:

  • Design of Retaining Walls and Miscellaneous Foundation Structures
  • Roadway Designs, from Estimated Seasonal High Groundwater and Settlement
  • Foundation Type and Size
  • Shallow Foundations
  • Mat Foundations
  • Deep Foundations
  • Ground Modification
  • Support of Excavation Services
  • Pavement Design, Rigid and Flexible
  • Magnitude and Rate of Settlement Estimations
  • Soil Anchor Design
  • Soil Mix Design
  • Variety of Slope Stability Failure Modes
  • Hydrogeology and Seepage Analyses
  • Constructability and Value Engineering
  • Instrumentation Plans and Monitoring
  • Forensics and Expert Witness

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